West Fork Pigeon River – The West Fork was running low today, around 47cfs, it was warm and sunny. We used both dry flies for surface action and nymphs under an indicator to target the larger trout on the bottom. We caught trout on drys and midges and as well as some nymphs in the faster water. A carp even came to the net.


Delayed Harvest – Water level just above normal. Very clear, water temp 56 degrees, air temp 78 degrees. Very good dry fly action in the flat water. Small flies worked the best as fish were scrutinizing every drift. Small Ausable Wullfs, Rusty Spinners, ants and beetles all worked well on drag free drift. Caught a good number of fish with largest at 15″. Fun on the dry fly!


Wild Waters – Elevated flows have pushed the fish into slack water, eddies and pools and have made the usually friendly riffles very difficult to manage a drift through.  Yellow Caddis size 16 and Light Cahills with a micro stone or hare’s ear nymph dropper produced well.  Make sure to be careful when wading in high water – a wading staff sure is helpful.


Davidson River – Pleasant weather with healthy water levels. River running at about 250cfs, water temp 52 degrees with a 74 degree air temp. Sparse hatches of mayflies and a good number of midges. One very large Golden Stonefly buzzed by with a big cluster of eggs to drop. Good numbers of fish but a very light bite and nothing of size. Still a good day to be on the river.


Laurel River – Fish have become somewhat particular with water levels being lower before the recent rains. Great drifts and smaller more realistic flies where in order. 6X tippet was in demand with Florocarbon getting even better results. When venturing out now, make sure to have split shot and some larger stoneflies.


Spring Creek – The water was 44 degrees and up on Spring Creek but clear and dropping on Sunday. We had a cool start but it warmed up to a hot day. The trout were deep and split shot was the key. We caught trout on streamers, nymphs and eggs. The fish are there to be caught – just make sure to go deep and get a good presentation.


North Mills River – Stocked fish are getting pretty smart having to go down to size 20 droppers off the attractor nymph. Saw Blue Quills, Hendricksons and a March Brown along with the small tan Caddis and assorted midge hatches. Some fish caught on a dry fly. Water temp at 52, air temp at 73. First day of the spring for wet wading!


Laurel River – The water was up today but it was clear after the evening rain the day before and the temperature was chilly starting off around 32 and warming to 60 at the heat of the day. Trout were eating worms and small bwo’s. The trout weren’t very aggressive on the take but were nibbling at the flies – you had to be watching for the subtle take. A good drag free drift was necessary


Davidson River – The Davidson was at a good level on Sunday, running at 50 cfs. It wasnt the warm day they had forecast, only reaching 55 by 1pm. There were caddis larva on the rocks but all the trout were caught on midges. The fish were feeding on emergers and sub surface flies. We are continuing to use long leaders and fine tippet.


Davidson River – Warmer morning with spotty sprinkles here and there. Fish were hanging in troughs and pockets right off the riffles and feeding well. Gray midges, adults and emergers paired with light tippet and a tight line presentation was the ticket. Good numbers of fish in the net with a couple of decent rainbows.


Davidson River – Very cold start to the day, air temp at 22F and water at 36F. Not a lot of activity early on. Fish were podded up in the slower deeper water. As things warmed up, the trout started to be more receptive to our offerings. Tiny, light colored midge larva produced well, dropped behind a corresponding midge emerger. Great winter fishing!


West Fork Pigeon River – Fishing was great with good numbers to the net and fish feeding readily. Golden stonefly nymphs did well along with smaller PMD nymphs. Not a ton of surface activity, but a few fish were seen rising and taking bugs off the surface. Saw some caddish and yellow sallies flying throughout the day, but not a ton.


Wild Water – Beautiful spring morning and perfect day to be out on a shady wild stream with a 4wt bamboo rod. Temps reached the upper 60’s under the canopy and water 56 deg just before hiking back out. Green Drakes and other large may flies along with yellow sally stones were in good numbers. Size 14 Para. Yellow Adams worked great for lots of eager rainbows.


Davidson River – We had some big storms roll through and the water was up today.  The water temperatures were in the low 50’s and the air temperatures were in the low 60’s.  Caddis larva and midges were catching fish.  Just because the water is high doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and fish.  Look for pockets of calmer water and get deeper drifts.


West Fork Pigeon River – The water level fell as the day went on, and was around 100cfs which made for a great day of fishing. The temperature rose as the day wore on with 62 as average. The flies we used were small stones and split case nymphs. Good drifts were a must since these fish have seen a lot of flies lately. Mixing up the flies was also helpful.


Davidson River – April rains are keeping streams at a nice fishing level. Light Caddis and March Browns are drawing attention to the surface. Down below, smaller Batis and standard mayfly nymph patterns in size 16- 22 along with tiny light stone nymphs as a dropper were great producers. Water temps are keeping the fish active.


Laurel River – Water was a bit high but more than clear enough to fish. I recommend larger dark stoneflies trailed by smaller rubber legged nymphs. Fish have been willing to chase flies on the swing and well presented streamers. As most of the rivers in our area are a bit high, make sure to have a variety of weight to help get your flues down.


Davidson River – Water level was low but the temps for the day were cooler. Most activity came early on in the day. Midges and small tippet were the key. Grays and blacks were the best colors for us. Be looking for some of the larger mayflies in the next few weeks and make sure to have some bigger stonefly nymphs in your box.


Laurel River – Finally having to deal with some bigger water due to some rain. Be ready with some extra split shot. Medium to large stones in all colors have been doing well, with brightly colored nymphs trailing behind getting most of the action. After a bit of a warmer spell, expect to see insects flying. Stones, quills, and Gordon will be the main fair but be ready for some others to be early risers!


Tuckaseegee River – Fish were rising during the early am on midges. A good caddis hatch came off at lunch and fish were rising here and there. They were just learning the hatch….must be the beginning of the famous spring caddis hatch on the tuck. Caught fish with deep nymph rigs all day. No water release this day.


Davidson River – These warmer days have been great opportunities to fish. Gray Brooks sprouts have been providing good eats with wd40’s being another good bet. Lighter leaders and tippet are still a must. Certain stretches of river have been having strong BWO hatches – so have a few smaller BWO’S CDC compara dunn’s.


Davidson River – Mid-week fishing is great because the numbers of other fishermen are low. Good water levels are finally here and with warmer temps, fish have become quite active. On days where the preceding night is cold, look for the warmth of the day, and expect midges, bwo’s, and little black stones.  Light tippet and good drifts are keys to success.


Wild Water: Stream flows and temperatures remain at good fishing levels and it looks like a really nice start to early summer. Yellow Sallys and a few Green Drakes seen throughout the early afternoon. Sz. 16 Yellow Caddis and sz. 18 micro stone droppers in the deeper pools. Good number of small wild rainbows and a few in the 8″ range.


Laurel River – Good water levels and slightly off colored. Fished well subsurface with stonefly nymphs and flashier smaller nymphs. Streamers also brought several fish to the net. Saw a few surface feeders but they were few and far between. With higher water level, heavier leaders are not off the board, but stick to 4X or smaller. Good drifts were still important.


Laurel River – Our rivers have been staying on the higher side due to the frequency of rain. They have been clearing fairly quickly, but flows have kept things interesting. Stonefly nymphs along with worms and eggs have been doing the most damage, but don’t forget about the small golden stones (Yellow Sally’s) and the suphurs – make sure to have some yellow in your box!!


South Toe River – Calm and a bit cloudy with temps in the low 70’s. Water levels at just below normal with water temp at 50. Saw March Browns, tan Caddis in size 16, along with some BWO;s and plenty of midges. Used Flick’s style March Brown with a caddis larva dropper and a Goddard Caddis with a small stonefly dropper. Caught a good number of fish between 6″ and 8″.


DH Waters – Great water levels from rain last week! Nymph fishing was very good if presented deep and without drag. Smaller nymphs were the order and changing them up frequently was key. Water temp in mid 50’s air temp at 73. Beautiful spring day. Sparse hatches with nothing significant. Good numbers of fish landed with a few whoppers.


Wild Waters – Much needed rain events mid week left us with elevated stream levels and swift flows even 3 days later. Day time air temps got to 78F and stream temps to 58F. Good numbers for Quill Gordon, March Brown and Giant Stones. Quills were a good producer, though Hare’s Ear droppers took the majority of fish caught.


Little River – Fished delayed harvest water. Good number of fish available even with lower water levels. Landed a few whopper Brooks and Rainbows along with a good number of average size fish. Hatches included Winter Stone, Quill Gordon, Hendrickson and BWO. Water temp was 48 degrees.


Little River – It’s been a bit warmer than normal for February and has moved the hatch progression up by about three weeks. Seeing Blue Quills, Quill Gordons, and Hendricksons along with the little Black Stonefly and Winter Caddis hatching throughout the day. Water temp at 49 degrees and on the low side for stream flow. Good day of fly fishing with good numbers landed and a few Rainbows close to 20″.


West Fork of the Pigeon River – It was a cooler day to start off; and as it warmed up a bit, the fish became more active. Saw a few adult mayflies coming off, guessing they were blue quills. A few fish actually rose to take the adults. Water levels continue to be low but rain in the forecast should help. Smaller tippets were a must.


Davidson River – Fishing was off today. Weather fluctuations from warm to very cold have the fish all confused and the fishermen as well. Strange thing that we didn’t see very many fish at all?? Still caught about 10 or so mid-sized trout mostly on size 26 gray midges. Water levels are dropping some but rain in the forecast should fix that.


West Fork Pigeon – Cloudy and misty start to the day, and warmer than normal temperatures have kept the fish active. West Fork was flowing good with water temp sitting around 42 in the morning, pearl body midges and BWO were much on the menu. Davidson was at 46 deg. A good assortment of winter midges, Brown, Gray, and Olive paired with 7X did the trick.

Half Day Wade

(1) Angler – $200

(2) Anglers – $275

(3) Anglers – $360

Full Day Wade

(1) Angler – $300

(2) Anglers – $375

(3) Anglers – $450

Float Trips

Half Day – $350

3/4 Day – $400

Full Day – $450