How One Becomes a “Fly Chick”

Several years ago (6 to be precise), my future husband suggested we try fly-fishing in Western North Carolina – in December! Wanting to impress, I agreed with somewhat feigned enthusiasm. Despite catching not a single trout and wading through cold water with a leaking wader, I was literally “hooked” from my first experience.

If you know me (and you’ll get to with these monthly installments), my mind races constantly and calm is not a word associated with me. This is unfortunately the case with many, many women. As women in these times struggle with constant stresses, deadlines, family and work, it has become more and more difficult to maintain our balance.

This changes when your waders hit the water. When folks ask me why I love so much this great sport, I tell them it’s primarily about nature and mindfulness. When you cast a fly and watch it drift down the stream, it requires all of your attention. You are in a beautiful setting, away from all of the hassles of every day life and this act of fly-fishing becomes your refuge.

This is not to say that landing a big fish is not exciting or that men don’t have similar stressful lives, but this column is for us girls. In the next months, I hope to give you tips about fly-fishing from a beginner’s perspective, ways to get the most out of your experience and have fun while doing it. I look forward to our chats! Kristen