If for some reason you do not live in Western North Carolina, but want to find out where the trout streams are located across the state (well mostly toward the Western part of the state), you can visit the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission site and it will tell you by North Carolina County where you can fish for trout or you can also go to the NC Wildlfe site. The really great thing about this website is that it educates the user about the different types of trout, the different types of regulations, fishing tips and also where to order topographical maps in addition to telling you where the various fishing locations are.

 If you live in Tennessee, a similar website withi similar information can be located at Take Me Fishing. If you live in other states, your Wildlife Resource Agency will be a great place to start. You can also check out your state’s Trout’s Unlimited chapter, which will have information not only on where to fish but education articles and conservation measures that can be taken to sustain this great sport. Fish on!!  ~ Kristen