This brown ate a gray midge
This brown ate a gray midge

Updated Every Wednesday: April 25, 2012(This brown ate a gray midge, size 24)

Water Conditions: Normal flows except for after the afternoon rains we’ve had. Davidson River Flow

Hatches: Yellow sallies, midges, caddis (tan and black)

Fly suggestions: Lowe’s midge larva, Little lucy, disco midge, micro stone (yellow and black), elk hair caddis, rock worm caddis, midge emergers in gray, black, brown. San Juan worms.

General Information: Fishing was tough on the one really cold day we had (Monday) but the fish will wake up as the weather warms. Rain washes all kinds of tasty critters into the water. When it’s high and dingy, go deep with a big dark fly.

Projected Conditions: The fish will return to normal feeding patterns once the weather stabilizes. If you do get caught in the rain, make sure you have a good jacket! The Simms G3 jackets are bomb-proof and let you stay out fishing longer than anyone else!