Fly Fishing Report for the Davidson River

Updated Every Wednesday

Chunky Brown Trout caught in Western North Carolina
Bad Bad Chunky Brown!

This chunky brown took us on quite a run…

Water Conditions: Normal flows. But want may rise suddenly with afternoon T-storms. Water may be dingy at times.

Hatches: Yellow sallies, midges of various colors, caddis (tan and black), inch worms, occasional bwo

Fly suggestions: Lowe’s midge larva, cream midges, Little lucy, disco midge, micro stone (yellow and black), elk hair caddis, rock worm caddis, midge emergers in gray, black, brown. Inch Worms.  Most any fly from our Davidson River Fly Selection Box would also do…

General Information: Water is around 110 cfs, but may spike with afternoon storms and get dingy. If this happens, add weight and throw something that will get their attention. A San Juan worm is always a good bet. A Streamer will work as well, such as the Slump Buster or Sculpzilla.

Projected Conditions: The river should fish well all week. Just adapt with the conditions; you may be midging in the morning, then need to switch to streamers for the afternoon rain. Don’t be afraid to change flies and adjust your rigs. That is what it takes to catch fish when conditions change suddenly. If it rains, re-rig with something big and dark and add weight.

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