Davidson River Fly Fishing Report – Western North Carolina

Updated Every Wednesday

Water Conditions: Higher water. 168 cfs.  Davidson River Flow

Hatches: Green Drakes, Yellow sallies, midges, caddis (tan and black)

Fly suggestions: Green Drakes, Lowe’s midge larva, Little lucy, disco midge, micro stone (yellow and black), elk hair caddis, rock worm caddis, midge emergers in gray, black, brown. Inch Worm.  Most any fly from our Davidson River Fly Selection Box would also do…

General Information: Water is up a bit, so look for some quality fish closer to the banks. To save time re-rigging droppers, try the Lindy Rigger–a foam tube you can wrap droppers around with no tangle hassle. For tippet material, I always suggest 6-7x flourocarbon tippet and Seaguar Grandmax.

Projected Conditions:The river should fish well all week. With the humid weather, look for some afternoon and evening hatches to come off. If it rains heavy, re-rig with something big and dark and add weight.

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