Updated Every Monday:   5-21-12

Water Conditions:  Temp: aprox. 61˚           CFS:  110, slighty below normal, but the forecasted rain should bring that level up some.     http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nc/nwis/uv?site_no=03446000              

Hatches:  still seeing some yellow sallies, tan caddis, also small green caddis

Fly Suggestions:  below the surface an olive soft hackle, small pink egg pattern, or a Super Duper are a good bet, a bushy attractor, such as a yellow stimulator, or a Tennessee Wulff should draw a strike. General Information: the Madison Co. Delayed Harvest water continues to fish well for me with some of the early stockers coloring up nicely. I’m getting good reports from other Delayed Harvest streams as well, such as the N. Mills, West Fork, and Little River.  

Projected Conditions:rain ending the middle of the week with temps. Rising into the mid to upper 80s, it’s sure been a nice spring for fishing the DH waters, a couple of weeks left, get ‘em while you can!

A really nice Watauga County ‘bow, congrats Booger!