Fly Fishing Report

Updated Every Tuesday:    May 29th, 2012

Brown Trout Release
Brown Trout Release

Water Conditions:

South Holston Release Schedule

Watauga Release Schedule

Hatches:  Midges, Sulphurs, BWO’s, Caddis,

Fly Suggestions:  Midge Clusters, Sparrow Midge, Zebra Midge (Red and Black), Black Fly Larva, CDC Comparaduns (BWO and Sulphur), PMD Silloutte Dun, Split Cases (PMD and BWO), Klinkhammer Emerger (Sulphur and BWO), Elk Hair Caddis (Tan, Peacock, Yellow), Stimulators (Yellow, Olive Peacock), Peacock Caddis, Braid Pupae (Black and Tan), Flashback Caddis (Hare’s Ear), Tungsten Z-Caddis

Tight Lines
Tight Lines

General Information: Flows will more than likely remain similar with generation relaxing as the heavier rainfalls subside. Hatch’s will continue to pick up pace and fish will become re-acquainted with the bugs they will also come more selective on the realism of you fly and they are already accustomed to wanting the perfect drift. Longer leaders are a must on the South Holston as the water levels lower and the hatch’s turn on.

The terrestrial action will continue to pick up, so make sure to keep an eye out for fish feeding under limbs or grassy banks. Polarized sunglasses make sight fishing possible and actually enjoyable so stop in one of our shops to fitted for the right pair. Remember the most expensive pair might not always be the best for you. Big fish, like all others, enjoy terrestrial so be prepared for some explosive strikes and some even more fearsome battles. With fish having more water to move in and usually more current to use to their advantage it is very important that we have the right equipment for the job. One of the

Float Fishing in Western North Carolina!
Get out and Fish!

most important pieces of this puzzle is a good reel with a solid drag system. One great option is the Lamson Velocity. With a superb drag system that is super smooth, and to top it all off it is all in a waterproof housing. This reel will control your line no matter if the fish is coming or going.

Projected Conditions: As summer temps start to move their way in expect flows to be more to a minimum on both rivers. As this happens expect drift and presentation to become more and more important. Mend, Mend, Mend! Whether from a boat or standing waist deep, setting up your drift can tip the scales in your favor.
Coming off the Holiday weekend expect numbers of anglers to be less but by no means gone. Choose your approaches wisely and get out there and fish. They aren’t going to catch themselves!!