Clear water, good visibility.  Higher than normal water level.  Water temperature varying in the 60′s.

Water watch:


Crawfish Patterns, Wiggle Minnows, Green and Black Streamers, poppers.


Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass near Asheville North CarolinaSmallmouth bass will typically stay near their spawning grounds after the spawn. That is if there is plenty of food and the conditions are still good in that location.

Being able to see the fish or underwater structure will help you catch more fish.  Invest in a pair of good polarized sunglasses comparable to Smith or Costa.  The more expensive, quality glasses are just as easy to lose as cheaper versions, so try using the floating sun-glass savers.

If you are fishing with a buddy, try fishing different rigs to start out.  This will help you figure out what the fish are looking for faster.  If you are by yourself and can carry more than one rod, then pre-rig multiple rods so you spend less time tying and more time fishing. The more your rig is in the water, the more chances you have of hooking up.  It’s a simple concept, but an effective one.  If you know you asheville nc guide service for smallmouth basshave fish in front of you but can’t get them to eat, don’t give up and move to another hole yet.  Try changing your presentation first.  That could mean changing the depth of your rig, the color of your fly or lure, the direction from which you fish the hole and the speed at which you fish.  Fishing “slow”  translates to working a crawfish on the bottom.  Fishing “fast” translates fishing top water, stripping a popper etc. quickly across the surface.  Have confidence in your fly or lure selection.   As conditions change, so does presentation.


Temperatures are expected to reach the high 80′s this week with scattered thunderstorms.

Keep an eye and an ear out for Cicadas this summer.  If they are present, you can be sure fish will be feeding on them.  Cicadas have been present in Tennessee already but none have been spotted on French Broad River yet.

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Waterdance Fly Fishing Pack by FishpondRod: Fast Action comparable to Scott “S” Series rods 8’6”–9’ 6wt.

Leader: 9-12’ 3x-5x Florocarbon.  Option: Blue Sky furled leader.

Vest:  A vest with a work station and plenty of room for big flies.  Fishpond Waterdance or comparable.

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