Davidson River Fly-fishing Report

Updated Every Wednesday

Water Conditions: Normal/low water, clear. 80 cfs.  Davidson River Flow

Hatches:Crane flies, Sulphurs, BWOs, midges, tan caddis, light cahills

Fly suggestions: Midge emergers in gray, cream, brown. Sulphur comparaduns, klink emergers, split cases, light cahills,  Lowe’s midge larva, Little lucy, red disco midge, elk hair caddis, rock worm caddis, . Inch Worm, ants, beadles.  Most any fly from our Davidson River Fly Selection Box would also do…

General Information: 80 cfs and clear water means that flourocarbon tippet is a must. I also suggest you use at 9-12 foot leader asheville fly fishing guide servicesand a small indicator, such as putty or a small thingamabobber. The fish have been all over midge emergers and various dries in the evening. To weight for nymphs and emergers (if needed), I suggest Anchor micro shot. With Anchor shot, you can adjust your depth using a variety of split shot sizes.  I use Seaguar Flourocarbon tippet at the end of a flouro leader of a long nylon leader.

Projected Conditions:The river should fish well all week, but lower water and changing pressure can be challenging. Don’t smack the water with your cast; plan each one carefully, so you don’t spook the fish.  With the humid weather, look for some afternoon and evening hatches to come off. If it rains heavy, re-rig with something big and dark and add weight.

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