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Sight Casting can be great fun!!
Sight Fishing

Water Conditions:

South Holston Release Schedule

Watauga Release Schedule

Hatches: Midges and Sulphurs will be the meat and potatoes. Don’t forget your BWO’s though.

Fly Suggestions: Midge Clusters, Brooks Sprout Midge (Black), Griffith’s Gnat in the am and with no other visible activity. PMD split cases, quasimodo’s, yellow soft hackles, Surveyors, Girdle bugs (in deeper runs) underneath the surface. CDC Comparadun (Sulphur and BWO), headlight caddis, CDC light cahill spinner, klink sulphur emerger.

General Information: Knowing what stage of the bug the fish are feeding on can greatly improve your fishing to catching ratio. By adjusting your technique to the way the fish are feeding allows you to present the flies the way the fish are looking for them. Another key factor when fishing a hatch is to single out a fish or two and cast to them specifically. Make the minor adjustments to get the best drift you can to those fish. Don’t spend all day on one fish or group of fish, but at the same time don’t be so eager to see the next riffle. A great way to hone these skills and many more is to book a Guide Fishing Trip .

Projected Conditions: This week’s outlook is looking very similar to this past week’s. The hatches are starting to get into full swing and folks are reporting high activity at different times in the day, depending on the day.  Don’t forget to stop and look around and enjoy where you are at!

Recommended Gear:

Scott A4 Fly Rod 

Simms Headwater Boot with Vibram Soles

Fishpond Wastch Tech Pack

South Holston/Watauga River Fly Selection