Updated Every Tuesday:    6/19/12

Watauga Trophy Section
Watauga Trophy Section

Water Conditions:  South Holston Release Schedule

Watauga Release Schedule

Hatches: Midges, Sulphurs, Crane Flies, Sporadic BWO’s, Caddis (Tan, Green, Olive)

Fly Suggestions: Midge Cluster, Black Fly Larva, CW Midge (purple), Moola Midge, Sulphur and BWO Comparadun, PMD Pullover, PMD Stuck N Shuck, Split Case Nymphs (BWO & PMD), Hunchback Scud (Gray, Rainbow), Quasimodo Pheasant Tail, Hi-Vis Beetles, Glitter Ants, and Cicada Hopper Popper.

General Information: Fishing has been great on both Tailwaters. Big number days are being turned in on the Watauga. Fish are actively feeding on attractor patterns and realistics. Double nymph rigs in the mornings and during the lulls of the day can get the tally marks flying. Good drifts are still a must but don’t be afraid to swing the rig at the tail of your drift. The South Holston the fish are focusing on the Sulphurs as usual, but don’t forget your midge and Terrestrial boxes at home. Although the South Holston can be more technical at times, when fish start feeding on Beetles they can get tunnel vision.

Hooked up

Projected Conditions: Looking similar conditions next week with the addition of some higher temperatures. Make sure to stay hydrated, and always be prepared for afternoon thunderstorms. Be ready for changing conditions and you can be one step up on most fishermen

Gear Suggestions: 

Rod: Scott S4 8’6 5wt

Reel: Lamson Guru 1.5

Line: Mastery Textured Series GPX Fly Line

Leader: Florocarbon (12’) 6x

Pack/Vest: Fishpond Guide’s Choice Pack