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See More Water with Less Time on Your Legs Curtis Wright Outfitters
Great way to see a lot of water!

Updated Every Tuesday:    June 26th2012

Water Conditions:

South Holston Release Schedule

Watauga Release Schedule

Hatches: Look for the usual suspects of Caddis, Sulphurs and midges, but don’t forget the BWO’s. Also keep an eye open for fish targeting Craneflies.  Terrestrial’s will start to play more of a role in the diet of these Tailwater fish, especially on the Watauga. Hatches are great, but don’t neglect the spinner falls.  Big fish will move for spinners when the time is right.

Fly Suggestions: CDC Comparadunns (BWO &Sulphur), Klink Emerger (Sulphur), CDC Light Cahill Spinner, Yellow Soft Hackles, Sloan’s Mighty May Emerger

Now is the Time to Be on the Water Curtis Wright Outfitters
Now is the time to be on the water!!

(BWO&Sulphur), Split Case Emergers (BWO&Sulphur),  Headlight Caddis (Green&Tan), Spotlight Caddis Emerger (Green&Tan), Brook’s Sprout Midge (Black&Gray), Zebra Midges (Black&Red), Black Fly Larva, Butt Munch Beetle, Delectable Slammer (Pink), Parachute Hopper (Tan)..

General Information: As we get into the full swing of summer, the fish are becoming more accustomed to the hatches and their timing. Be ahead of the game and ready for those changing situations by at least knowing your game plan if not already having rigs set up for it. By streamlining your fishing transitions you will find yourself in the middle of the action more than catching the tail end of it.  One of these set ups needs to be a Terrestrial Rig. With the warmer weather the non-aquatic insects become much more important to the fish in these rivers. One of my favorite set ups is a Hopper/ Beetle combo. The hopper is very visible and the Beetle seems to tempt even the wariest of trout. These rivers are some of our best opportunities to get in some Western style fly fishing.  Contact Us to book a trip to see what everyone is ranting and raving about!

Projected Conditions: Summer is here and so is the heat. Especially in the upcoming week we are looking at temps getting into the 90’s. With these temps usually come bluebird skies so longer leaders and lighter tippets will come more into play. Presentation will be even more important, if that’s possible. By taking a little time and setting up your cast you can be greatly rewarded as opposed to greatly frustrated. With the heat also comes the need for sun protection and hydration. Don’t ruin a fishing trip by failing prey to sunburn and especially dehydration. Once again, being prepared can make all the difference

Set Up Your Cast Curtis Wright Outfitters
Set up Your Cast

Suggested Gear:

Rods: Any of the Scott S Series Fly Rods Great for Casting into the wind and casting larger flies (Terrestrials). Made in the U.S.A,

Pack/Vest: Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack For Longer days on the water this pack has room for what you need (and then some). Has a spot for a hydration system and also a  pack to store lunch or other essentials.

Boots: Simms Guide Boot w/ Vibram Soles These boots offer great ankle support and help to minimize transfer of  aquatic invasive species from one river to another. They are a super comfortable shoe  and are very durable. Cleats are available to add if more traction is desired. Great for hiking in. *Call our Stores to Hear our Specials on These*

Book: Dave Hughes’ “Handbook of Hatches”  This is a great book that can walk you through the different stages that insects go through and how they are important to the trout that we are trying to catch. Great read and great Pictures.