Water level is above normal for August across WNC, with off color water from the recent rain.    Water temperature varying in the  70′s.

Water watch:                         


Wiggle Minnows, Crawfish, Poppers.


David Deloach with a well earned fish!

Fishing has been most productive on overcast days with scattered thunderstorms.   On clear days, fish are spooking quicker forcing longer casts and stealth tactics.   The French Broad River is still off color with 2′ visibility.  Upper Nolichucky and Pigeon are fishing well.


Fishing Story: David Deloach caught this Smallmouth Bass in a fast current just as we were approaching a rapid.   We dropped the anchor about fifty yards upstream from the rapid just as he hooked up.  The drag on the reel was screaming as he entered a pattern of  “gain a foot, lose two feet.”  Just as he got the fish a few yards from the boat, here comes a fleet of fifty duckies carrying laughing kids and adults alike.  Sure enough, two duckies slam into the back of the boat knocking the anchor loose.  The two duckies are now wedged into the back of the boat as the anchor bounces on the riverbed, and we head toward the rapid.  Kids are screaming, line is zinging, anchor is bouncing, blood is pumping…  In a moment that seemed to last forever, we managed to free the two duckies, land the fish and safely maneuver through the rapid.

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Temperatures are expected to be in the upper 80′s with scattered thunderstorms, lows in the mid 60′s.

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Rod: Fast Action comparable to Scott “S” Series rods 9’ 6-8wt.

Leader: 9-12’ 2x-4x Florocarbon.  Option: Blue Sky furled leader.

Vest:  A vest with a work station and plenty of room for big flies.  Fishpond Waterdance or comparable.




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