Water level is normal across WNC, with good visibility.    Water temperature varying in the  70′s.

Water watch:                         


Crawfish, Poppers.


5 lb. Smallmouth Bass on the Fly


This Smallmouth was caught on the Fly on a recent scouting trip.   The bite turned on around 10am with most fish taken on the surface.  Casting top water flies 60-80 feet under overhanging trees, followed by an explosion that sounds like a bomb going off and a toilet flushing all at the same time, will do a few things to a person.  One, it will make your wrist hurt, two it will make you giggle like a little kid.  You will make sounds you didn’t know you could make, yell louder than all the banjos playing in WNC, and cancel all obligations for the following week.  To get in on the fun… Let the professional fly fishing guides from Curtis Wright Outfitters take you there!

Guide Knox Campbell


With the below average, cooler temperatures we are having, the Smallmouth are looking up and top water action is amazing right now.  Poppers and other buggy top water flies have been producing good numbers and bigger fish in the 3-6lb. range.   Fishing has been most productive on overcast days with scattered thunderstorms and slightly off color water.   On clear days, fish are spooking quicker, forcing longer casts and stealth tactics.

Guide Craig Byers on the oars







Planning a fly fishing trip for trout or Smallmouth bass?  Let the professional fly fishing guides from Curtis Wright Outfitters take you there!



In case you are not aware, new NC regulations are in effect for Smallmouth Bass.

SIZE LIMIT: 14-inch minimum, except 2 may be less than 14 inches.

DAILY CREEL LIMIT: 5 in combination, including only 2 less than 14 inches.

This may not be good for long term fish populations.   What this inevitably could mean is that there will be less fish in the river and smaller fish all around.  Smallmouth in the 14″-20″ range are responsible for most reproduction.   Take those away, and you end up with a larger population of small fish that are eating all the food and not reproducing.  This could be bad news for those of us that support catch and release conservation practices.

To voice your opinion and concerns, contact the commissioners office at 919-707-0010.  Or email the chairman at dwhj@bellsouth.net


Temperatures are expected to be in the upper 70′s with scattered thunderstorms, lows in the mid 50′s.  It’s going to be a great week for fishing!

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A Scott 8 weight will keep those big flies in the air, and your guide from having to wear a helmet!


Rod: Fast Action comparable to Scott “S” Series rods 9’ 6-8wt.

Leader: 9-12’ 2x-4x Florocarbon.  Option: Blue Sky furled leader.

Vest:  A vest with a work station and plenty of room for big flies.  Fishpond Waterdance or comparable.



Planning a fly fishing trip for trout or Smallmouth bass?  Let the professional fly fishing guides from Curtis Wright Outfitters take you there!