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Water level is normal and falling.  Water clarity is currently off color with 1.5′-2′ visibility and clearing.

WATER WATCH:                         


Crawfish, Poppers.


Curtis Wright Outfitters

With the below average, cooler temperatures moving in early this year, the Smallmouth are looking up and top water action is amazing right now.  We have  a nice assortment of bass flies and lures in the shop or you can check out the online store.

 When fishing topwater, you’ll need that extra “Ummph” to get those big poppers through the air.  A 9′ 8wt. rod (comparable to Scott “S” Series rods ),with floating line and a 10-14′, 10-14 lb. test leader is the ideal setup for casting your fly 70′ with accuracy.  Popper sizes have been ranging between 1/0-4 in various colors.

With the Delayed Harvest opening this week, some of the fishing pressure will shift over to trout.  That means there wont be quite as many folks out enticing the Smallmouth.  Pressure can have a huge effect on fish behavior and often times, the best fishing is on water that doesn’t get significant pressure.  So now that the dozen or so Delayed Harvest streams have been stocked, fishing pressure will be more spread out yielding better fishing all around.

 The fall is a beautiful time of the year to spend a couple days on the water catching trout or smallmouth bass.  CWO offers several packages that include lodging and a guided fishing trip.  Whether you are interested in a float trip or wade trip for Trout or Smallmouth Bass, let the professional fly fishing guides from Curtis Wright Outfitters take you there!


raft 300x224 Smallmouth Bass Stream Report for September 28, 2012


Temperatures are expected to range from 38 to 70 degrees this week.  French Broad will likely be muddy for a few more days but is currently on the way to clearing up.

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Rod: Fast Action comparable to Scott “S” Series rods 9’ 6-8wt.

Leader: 9-12’ 2x-4x Florocarbon.  Option: Blue Sky furled leader.

Vest:  A vest with a work station and plenty of room for big flies.  Fishpond Waterdance or comparable.


Planning a fly fishing trip for Trout or Smallmouth Bass?  Let the professional fly fishing guides from Curtis Wright Outfitters take you there!