Updated Every Monday:  10-8-12

Water Conditions:  Temp 64⁰   114cfs  http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?03446000

Hatches: a few October Caddis have been spotted!

Fly Suggestions:  October Caddis pupae size 8, Micro Spawn egg in Pink or Oregon Cheese colors, Boss Hogs size 12 and 16, Purple Prince nymphs size 14, Red Rubber legged Copper Johns size 14 and 16

General Information: All DH streams have been stocked by now, with the exception of the North Toe in Spruce Pine which will be stocked on 10-12 to coincide with a study the Fish and Wildlife folks are conducting. Water levels are great, slightly above normal for this time of year, the cool overnight temps. are making for some happy, active fish. These fresh stockers are still trying to get the hang of eating real bugs, so for the time being something a little large and flashy is still the ticket to a productive day on the water.

Projected Conditions: The 10 day forecast promises continued cool temperatures, with little chance of rain. [it is that time of year after all]

A fine Autumn day on the North Mills River