Updated Every Tuesday:    October 30th, 2012

Water Conditions:  South Holston Release Schedule

Watauga Release Schedule

Hatches: Blue Wing Olives and some Sulphurs. Midges will be present all day and look for some caddis activity on the Watauga.

Photo by Nick Roberts

Fly Suggestions: CDC Comaparaduns for both Sulphurs and BWO’s. Go on the smaller size (22) on the BWO’s. Split cases are always a good bet and I would also have some junk flies ready to dredge. Midge clusters, zebra midges, Black fly larva, and Rainbow Warriors are also great to have in the box. Don’t forget your girdle bugs as well.

General Information: Flows have been staying consistently full and the BWO’s are really starting to make their presence known. Fish are feeding voraciously on them but the size of your fly has to be just right. Make sure to carry a variety of BWO’s in sizes 16-24. A few sulphurs are still showing up and when they do boy do they stand out to the fish. Look for Big fish to be on their spawning areas already and getting ready to do their thing. Watch where you wade, and remember, certain areas of the South Holston are closed until the first of February starting November 1st (Thursday)!

Photo by Nick Roberts

Projected Conditions: With cooler temps setting in look for fish to be feeding more below the surface on nymphs and emerging insects but be ready for when the hatch pops off. Don’t forget your Seagar Florocarbon Tippet