A lot of the time, the water can be warmer than the air, this time of year. Photo by Pete Davis

Updated Every Tuesday:    November 6th, 2012

Water Conditions:  South Holston Release Schedule

                                          Watauga Release Schedule

Hatches: Midges, BWO’s, some Sulphurs on both rivers, and black caddis

Fly Suggestions: Midge Clusters (20-24), Zebra Midges (20-24), Black Fly Larva (22), Brooks Sprout (22-26), CDC comparadun in BWO(18-24) & Sulphur(16-20), BWO Quill Parachutes (18-24), Split cases BWO (18-22), Scuds orange/olive (16-20), Tumble eggs (12)

Blue Bird Skies            Photo by Pete Davis

General Information: TVA has been giving a bit more respite on the flows as of late including some very LOW flows. Be aware of the CLOSED fishing areas on the South Holston due to fish spawning grounds, but there is still a TON of water available to fish. BWO’s have been the key as of late and we don’t expect that to change in the near future. They love the nasty days, so they will keep us coming out in the nastiest of weather. Two tools that can make your fishing a little easier this time of year and also help ensure that the trophy fish you are dancing with does not get away. The Scott S4 is a faster action rod that can really help to turn over larger, heavier flies even into a stiff head wind. It is also great at throwing streamers all day. Another great piece to add to that weapon would be the Lamson Guru 2 . With a super smooth drag system you can focus on where that fish is headed next and with the waterproof housing you don’t have to care.

Lamson Guru 2

Projected Conditions:  Look for mother nature to  keeping showing herself with some weekend reminders of fall. Longer leaders and smaller flies will be more and more in the daily discussions of the folks who are spending a bunch of their time on these rivers. Certain fish are in the spawning mode so do be careful where you are stepping because not all the fish can read the signs where the spawning grounds are are we don’t want to hinder the future of our fishery. Stay Warm out there!!

Photo by Pete Davis