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Updated Every Monday:  11-5-12

Water Conditions:  Temp 56⁰   79cfs

Hatches: tiny BWOs, creme midges,

Fly Suggestions: Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!  Yellow, pink, orange, or a combination of these. October Caddis pupae size 8, Orange Palmer, Orange Stimulator, Boss Hogs size 12 and 16, Purple Prince nymphs size 14, Red Rubber legged Copper Johns size 14 and 16

General Information: Another new batch of fish in the DH streams, they’ll be easy pickin’s for a while so get out there and get an ego boost! Something bright, flashy, a white Wooly Bugger fished downstream will work well. We’ve had a couple of drizzly days but no measurable precipitation, stream levels are still somewhat below normal and very clear, this may require a bit more stealth when approaching the water to avoid spooking the fish. A good pair of polarized glasses will help to spot your quarry before they see you, Costas and Guidelines are available at both CWO stores.

Projected Conditions: Temps. Will be warming back into the low to mid 60s, but no rain in sight for at least the rest of the week.

Curtis Wright Outfitters
Nice First Fish! Delayed Harvest waters are great for novice anglers.