Davidson River: Fishing Report

by Nick Roberts


Updated Every Wednesday: March 13, 2013

Water Conditions: Higher than normal flows, but fishable and clear. Davidson River Flow

Hatches: BWOs, midges, blue quills, some dark caddis

Fly suggestions: Lowe’s midge larva, Little lucy, disco midge, micro stone (yellow and black), elk hair caddis, rock worm caddis, midge emergers in gray, black, brown. San Juan worms and eggs. Most any fly from our Davidson River Fly Selection Box would also do…


General Information: Fishing on the Davidson had been consistent all winter except for the few really really cold days we had.  We have plenty of water, so the fish are spread out all throughout the riffles and deeper pools.  We’ve gotten several very nice browns out of the river recently and we have mostly been fishing nymphs and emergers with indicators. When the water is clear, like it has been, flouro0carbon is a must. For tippet material, I always suggest 6-7x flourocarbon tippet and Seaguar Grandmax. The water is still pretty chilly, so the bite has been starting once the sun is up over the trees. Make sure to wear a couple pairs of sox if you go. The Smartwool socks that I wear all winter keep me plenty warm.

Projected Conditions: The river should fish well all week.  If you do get caught in the rain, make sure you have a good jacket! The Simms G3 jackets are bomb-proof and let you stay out fishing longer than anyone else!