All Sporting Clays Classes are operated and taught by Dale Pennell – a NSCA Certified instructor.  Give us a call for more information.

Level I – Sporting Clays Shooting Experience

This 2 hour experience will allow participants to experience shooting shotguns at sporting clays targets.  After a short session in safety & shotgun basics, each shooter will shoot at 25 targets, thrown in a variety of presentations.  All supplies are provided, including gun, shells, eye & ear protection, and range fee.  Minimum 2 shooters per session. $145/shooter

Level II – Beginners Sporting Clay Class

Classes are taught by National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Certified Level I instructors.  During a typical outing, shooters will first cover all aspects of gun safety, followed by basic instruction in the steps to become a successful sporting clays shooter.  This includes presentations with a variety of shotguns, shot loads, and clay targets; coaching on the proper body position for effective target acquisition; techniques for leading and hitting the clays; and etiquette while on the sporting clays course.  This 3 hour – 50 shot class is primarily designed for novice shooters, with a minimum of 2 shooters per class.  All supplies are provided, including gun, shells, eye & ear protection, and range fee. $215/shooter

What Folks Are Saying!

Mike – “None of us had ever shot clays before. He was very professional, kind, patient, good company and made sure we had a safe and fun day. I’d highly recommend him for a lesson for first time shooters. He provided the guns, ammo, and eye and ear protection for those who needed them. Thanks for the great afternoon!”

Dwight – “Thank you very much.  You are an excellent instructor and I look forward to our next lesson.  I had the best day I’ve had in a very long time. THANK YOU”

Let it Fly

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