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Time of Day: mid-day          

Water Condition:

What River: West Fork of the Pigeon        

Temperature: just about right

Level: High [2000 cfs],map, but dropping

Clarity: off-color, but not muddy

Weather: slightly overcast, 72 degrees

Hatches: none observed

Fly(s) Used: size 8 Brown Stone, size 14 Clown Egg, size 6 Black Wooly Bugger


            Species: Rainbows and Browns

            Size Range: 10”-12”

            Quantity: 8

 General Comments and Feedback: Time to put away the midge boxes and 7x fluorocarbon, the DH streams are finally an option once again! By the end of this week all Delayed Harvest waters will be freshly stocked with Rainbows, Browns and Brookies, all badly in need of an education. So get out there and do your part to teach the new residents about one of the many perils of their unfamiliar environment. It’s your civic duty,dontcha know! Stop by one of the two CWO shops to stock up on fresh leaders [3x and 4x should be plenty light for the size 10, 12 and 14 nymph, egg, or streamer patterns you’ll be throwing. Fishing the nymphs and eggs under a Thingamabobber or similar strike indicator will keep you from missing strikes when the water’s too deep or fast to see the fish take your flies. If the water’s high like it was Tuesday when I took my brother-in-law to the West Fork you’ll need to add a good deal of split shot to get your rig down deep enough, quickly enough, to keep your flies from drifting over the fish rather than to them on their level. As always feel free to call us with any angling questions you might have, or stop by for the latest recommendations on flies and gear.

Curtis Wright Outfitters
Even a novice angler can score big on the DH waters!