Curtis Wright Outfitters and Lake Logan’s Adult Fly Fishing Camp

Our 2022 Adult Fly-Fishing Camp in November was another huge success. The weather was unseasonable and gorgeous. The fish were cooperative and hungry, and the campers were eager to learn.

The camp started with a Beginner’s Fly-Fishing Class PowerPoint presentation and was followed up with Casting instruction. Then it was off to the river!

At camp we cover a wide range of information that includes casting, knot tying, fish identifications, fly selection, and even fly tying if you like. A relaxed atmosphere and patient guides allow for our instruction to be catered to each individual camper and their needs.

Rubber bagged nets help fishermen but also keep the fish healthy.
Healthy Rainbow Trout
Fish caught on a single Dry Fly.

Several local rivers were fished during camp, including a beautiful private access stretch. Brooks, Brown, and Rainbow trout were caught, and several campers managed to notch up a few Western North Carolina Slams (Brown, Brook, and Rainbow) as well.

Fish were caught on Dry Flies, Nymphs, and Streamers which allowed instruction specific for each technique.

A beautiful butter bellied Brown Trout.

Fish were caught and safely released in order to play again another day! Although the focus of our Adult Fly-Fishing Camp is not only catching fish, but we sure do appreciate when they play along.

The brothers with a double!

Some fish were bigger than others, but all gave a good fight with several escaping before we got to see them up close. We refer to those as LDR (Long Distance Release) fish

Dressing for the weather is key for success and being comfortable when Mother Nature throws a curve.

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