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Fly Fishing School

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Curtis Wright Outfitters is offering a ‘Fly Fishing School for Beginners’. The schools typically will be held at the Lake Logan Conference Facility however, they can take place anywhere you would like. The school is designed to give aspiring anglers the tools they need to be successful on the water and enjoy their first fly fishing adventure. After all, we always say a “bad day on the water is better than a good day at work”. All needed gear can be provided but, if you do own equipment, we recommend you bring it. That way you can get used to what you will be using on your own. Especially if that is your goal.

The School Includes:

An Overview of Fly Fishing Equipment, Trout Species, Habitat, Entomology, Knot Tying, Reading the Water, Introduction to Fly Tying, Casting Instruction and of course a Guided On-Stream Fly Fishing Session are all covered and or experienced during the school. That being said, having fun is the most important thing!

Although these one day schools have limited enrollment, we must have at least 3 participants in order for the school to take place. The school cost is $200.00 per person and includes all equipment, materials, snacks and lunch. Also lodging can be arranged accordingly if needed.

Please call us at 828-645-8700, fill out the interest form for us to contact you, or email [email protected] for more details or to secure your spot.

Sample Fly Fishing School Schedule:

The Beginner Fly Fishing School can be customized to your needs, likes,. If you have focus areas to want to improve on, just let us know. Want to start at a different time? We have you covered. as a result, This school can be whatever you want it to be.

If looking for something a little more inclusive, to where you get more practice, check out our Adult Fly Fishing Camp. To summarize, this trip can be whatever you like.

School & Class Sign Ups:

To sign up for this Fly Fishing School or additionally a Fly Fishing Class please fill out the Education Interest Form at the bottom of the page. Above all, If you have any questions regarding our classes or schools please contact our owner at joshgarriscwo@gmail or give the shop a call at 828-645-8700