Delayed Harvest Stream Report 11-5-12

 Updated Every Monday:  11-5-12 Water Conditions:  Temp 56⁰   79cfs Hatches: tiny BWOs, creme midges, Fly Suggestions: Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!  […]

Delayed Harvest Stream Report 10-29-12

Updated Every Monday:  10-29-12 Water Conditions:  Temp 58⁰   75cfs Hatches: tiny BWOs, creme midges, October Caddis Fly Suggestions: Eggs, […]

Delayed Harvest Stream Report 10-15-12

Updated Every Monday:   10-15-12 Water Conditions:  Temp: aprox. 100cfs, still a bit above normal. But none too much      Hatches:  October […]

Delayed Harvest Stream Report 10-8-12

Updated Every Monday:  10-8-12 Water Conditions:  Temp 64⁰   114cfs Hatches: a few October Caddis have been spotted! Fly Suggestions:  […]

Delayed Harvest Stream Report 5-28-12

Updated Every Monday:  5-28-12 Water Conditions:  Temp 58⁰  CFS 128   North Mills Hatches: Tan Caddis, Yellow Sallies Fly Suggestions:  Tan […]

Scott A48044 8′ 4wt 4pc

Updated Every Monday:   5-21-12 Water Conditions:  Temp: aprox. 61˚           CFS:  110, slighty below normal, but the forecasted rain should bring […]